? I just bought my first computer and I don't know where to begin, can you help?

A We can send one of our Geeks over to your home or office to set up your entire system.

Still need help? We can also show you how to use your new computer.

? I'd like to email my grandson but I'm not sure I know how?

A We can go to your home or office and set up your email account and show you how to send and receive emails.

? I bought a new/used printer and I'm not sure it's working properly?

A At Geeks to Go we don't fix printers but we can check the print settings and make sure the print driver is properly installed.

? I've recently started my own business and I'd like to get our computers working together but I don't know a thing about it?

A What you're looking for is a network specialist, at Geeks to Go we can design and install a networking solution that suits your business needs.

? I have an old computer and have no use for it, do you buy computers?

A We only sell Dell computers at Geeks to Go, we don't buy computers but what you might think about doing is donating your old computer to a school.

? I'd like to get a wireless mouse and keyboard for my small business, is it a good investment?

A A wireless mouse and keyboard gives presenters up to 100' of cordless freedom allowing for a more efficient and professional presentation. We can send someone to your office to set-up your new equipment and also provide a crash course.

? Our office is upgrading its software and we could use some training with what's new, can you help?

A We can send someone to your home or office for training with individuals or groups in a wide variety of software programs from QuarkXpress to Microsoft Word.

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